Elgibbor roots of blood limited edition vinyl lp record

$20.00 $16.99

Pre order now... we are fundraising now!

Goal minimum is $1,500

Goal needed $2,300

Minimum goal will get it pressed with a wrap around sleeve and limited of 150 copies

Full goal needed will provide a proper full lp cover slip sleeves. Sealed. As you will see in stores!  This will also make the limited amount bump up to a more proper 500 

Making available for a little time for those just finding out about the release.

Or new comers to christian metal.

So we can do this either way. 

This ministry is a ministry of and for the people. And we so appreciate your support.

Pre orders of this lp. Will get a digital download code for download  (sent within 24 hours)

And a elgibbor logo patch!

Estimated ship at this time is yet to be determined. 

With fundraising, then pressing.

If fundraising goes well. We can see this happen sooner.

Elgibbor is back with another powerful release!

One of the longest running cbm christian black metal projects to date!

Full length release number 13!

Fire has not let up at all!

This release is a massive statement for the cbm scene! 

Get this release for your collection now!

Pro cds with beautiful 6 panel layout!

Videos coming soon

Elgibbor itunes

Digitally available on all major sites

Please see our other vinyl fundraiser lots for