• They Wither - They Wither CD

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    This Cd has a 12 page booklet ;With lyrics and Lots of art! 

    Full length debut release!

    1) Reap 

    2) Woe To The Bloody City 

    3) Days Of Midian 

    4) Great Are The Weak

    5) Awakening 

    One of the finest Metal releases of all time!!!! 

    Christians must come to maturity and leave petty ungodly religious ideas behind. We are called to REDEEM all art and IMAGERY so that ALL creation may be RECONCILED with JESUS CHRIST. We are here to take back all the symbols and art forms and imagery that the enemy has taken for himself, nothing belongs to him, all belongs to us and we belong to the most high God."Walter van Zyl -They Wither-2014"