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    Christ Worshippers

    Artist: Cerimonial Sacred
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: May 29, 2015
    Genres: Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
    People: Abissai Darkaliel (Guitar / Bass), Melancton Samengalef (Vocals / Bass)

    Available On


    1. My Time For Redemption
    2. The Man Of Nazareth
    3. The Choice Of The Wise
    4. Looking Into The Eyes Of Death
    5. The Star Blower
    6. The Seal Of Perfection
    7. In The Darkness Of The Waters Surface

    About Album

    Cerimonial Sacred returns with this amazing symphonic black metal from Brazil with the release Christ Worshipers! With soaring epic melodies, atmospheric interludes, and driving black metal to the vein of Vaakevandring, Dimmu Borgir, Dark Funeral, Nephesh, Antestor, Grave Declaration, and elements of A Hill to Die Upon, Cerimonial Sacred brings the holy hammer with a vengeance. Extremely inspiring metal that will strike the chords of your heartstrings! Bring your sword, take up your axe, smear on your warpaint!