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    Climes of Northern Sorrow

    Artist: Alstadt
    Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
    Release Date: May 20, 2018
    Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal, Symphonic Black Metal

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    1. 2nd Advent of the Cosmic King (Intro)
    2. March of the Glorious Mountain
    3. Shepard of Light
    4. Grace in Claustrophobic Dark
    5. A Trial That Burns to Dissolve All the Dross
    6. A Troublous Time of Surreality
    7. Look Upon Him Who You've Pierced
    8. Triumphant Victory Procession
    9. Trapped in the Devil's Kingdom
    10. A Fountain of Blood From the Veins of Christ
    11. Hymn to the Mighty One of Old
    12. A Cage of Every Unclean and Hateful Bird
    13. Hope for the Healing
    14. Chaining the Ancient Dragon (Outro)

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