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    Days Without Names

    Artist: Vials of Wrath
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: February 20, 2019
    Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal
    People: DC Mills - All Instruments and vocals

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    Album Reviews

    "The songs on Days Without Names are black metal hymns written through the vessel of nature. Within the solitude of the wilderness, DC Mills has become a conduit through which nature speaks of infinity. The infinite beauty bestowed upon it by its Maker and Creator. The woods are a church without walls constructed long before humankind walked the earth. And Days Without Names holds the voices of the choir of that church."


    1. That Which I've Beheld
    2. Journey Beyond The Flesh
    3. Revival of the Embers
    4. Burning Autumn Leaves (Under A Harvest Moon)
    5. The Path Less Oft Tread
    6. Silhouettes Against The Sun
    7. A Cleansing Prayer
    8. The Ways of Old (Bonus Track)
    9. All That Is Left In Shade (Bonus Track)

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