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    Demonicídio (Demonicide)

    Artist: Antidemon
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: May 18, 2017
    Genres: Death Grind Metal, Death Metal
    People: Batista (Vocal / Bass), Juliana (Drums)

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    1. Intro
    2. Demonicide (Demonicidio)
    3. Suicide (Suicidio)
    4. User (Usario)
    5. Rotting Flesh (Carnica)
    6. Whipping (Aqoite)
    7. Deliverance (libertacao)
    8. Wasted In Alcohol (Causas Alcolicas)
    9. The Great Deep (Profundo Abismo)
    10. Massacre
    11. Holocaust (Holocausto)
    12. No Return (Ida sem Volta)
    13. Apodrecida
    14. Slave To the Devil (Enscravo do diabo)
    15. War On Hell (Guerra ao Inferno)
    16. No Hail Mary Protest (Protesto A.M.N.)
    17. Dog Eat Dog World (Mundo Cao)
    18. Broken Curse (Terminada Maldicao)
    19. Dead Body (Cadaver)
    20. Wages of Sin (Salario Do Pecado)
    21. Sorrows Of Hell (Cadeias Infernais)
    22. Drugs (Droga)
    23. Hell (Inferno)
    24. Demons Made Inactive (Demonios Inativos)
    25. Trip (Viagem)
    26. Deliverance II (Libertacao II)
    27. Eternal Confinement (Confinamento Eterno)
    28. Welcome To Death (Bonus From Apocalypse Now)
    29. Infernal (Bonus From Apocalypse Now)

    About Album

    Demonicido, translated means Demonicide, is the debut album of the death metal/grindcore band Antidemon. The album was first released in 1998, before Vision of God Records reissued it in 2017.