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Artist: Dehumanize
Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: August 23, 2018
Genres: Brutal Death Metal, Death Grind Metal, Death Metal, Goregrind, Grindcore

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1. Let Me Axe You A Question
2. Spewing the Acrid Carnage of the Blasphemous (Ft. Niko Apostolakis of Left to Drown)
3. Chieftain of Sin
4. Pneumothorax (Ft. Roberto Granados of Seraphim Defloration)
5. Unbridled Apathetic Torment (Ft. Roberto Granados of Seraphim Defloration
6. Festering Intracranial Explosion (Ft. Zack Glaeser)
7. Sacrament For The Dead (Outro)
8. Excised By Urbanicidal Fruition
9. Imperial Structures Cocooned In Rotting Cadavers
10. One Life Wasted For Another To Lay Waste
11. Behold, His Wrath Cometh!
12. Tomes of Splintered Skulls (Ft. Matt Plunkett of Flayed Alive)
13. Pecking Apart The Carrion
14. Malicious Parasitic Virulency
15. Torturous Inclination
16. Purification Through Bile
17. That Which Is Sown, Must Be Reaped
18. Torment (Outro)

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