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For We Are Not Beasts [EP]

Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: August 7, 2018
Genres: Death Grind Metal, Death Metal, Electronic, Grindcore, Math Metal
People: David Napier (Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drum Programming, Vocals), Courtney Napier (Vocals)

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1. Screen Attack
2. The World...
3. ...and the Addiction Machine
4. Two Flesh (Become One)


Screen Attack

Just turn on the screen

Melt to your seat
Let your hand wander
Checking the door
Give me your lust
Leave me alone
Don't move your gaze
Click of the heart
Eyes back and forth
Scanning the next thrill
Making you shutter
Brain erased
Can't hold on
To what’s normal

Who am I
Who are you
What am I
What are you

Why do I look to you
What have you ever done for me
You make me feel so incomplete

I hate you, I will destroy you
You are dead to me

Come on
Look at me
Work it up
Play me a song
I can make you feel good
I can make you tingle
Just look at my eyes
Lose yourself in my glare

No one's around
You can choke me
You can rape me
You can do what you would want to me
Touch me
Love me
Hate me

Come now
Why wait
Just recline yourself
I would never lie to you
Why would I deceive
With something that feels so good
I am here for you
I'll make anxiety cease
I'll help you sleep
I'll give you what you want
You can't deny
What's inside of you

Search and enter
Type and click
I've got so many categories
Something for everyone
Direct your lust here

No, This is all hollow
You’re just a fake
You have no warmth
All you do is take
You are not close
You can't compare
To the love set out by my Father

Screen Attack

The World...

In a world of endless sparks and whirs
I see the head of it’s entrance

In this world the pleasures never cease
I feel the warmth around me

It's legs neatly folded
It's arms cleanly tucked
It's eyes ever opened
It's mind never shut
It's fingers at constant reach
It's chest always out
It's lips eager to teach
It's sex never in doubt

...and the Addiction Machine

Can you find my spot
Can you make me smile
Can you rip apart my flesh with your acrid bile

The ever changing part of me
This ever changing pit
Can it truly set me free
Or am I just stuck with it

You scar me with an invisible mark
I’m nothing but a slave to you
I’ve been here before, I’ve seen this arc
Yearning for something more to be true

I was made for more than this
For more than just this shallow bliss
I pray, please God, help me overcome
This putrid, aching, vile, scum

This dark man made machine
With it’s ceaseless gaping hole
Feeding me endless dopamine
Does nothing but poison my very soul

The feeling of pain from crashing down
Looking around gropping the air
Can’t keep together this cracked, warped crown
Trying to mutter a broken Lord’s Prayer

Nothing’s working
Why must you make me feel so small
Nothing’s right
How’d you attack what was so tall

The naked soul
The empty mind
The hateful heart
The broken bulge

In this world of pleasures and lies
I know the way that I need to go, His truth
It’s heart always gazing
It’s life never much
It’s often misleading
It’s design, a soft touch

I was made for more than this
For more than just this shallow bliss
I pray, please God, help me overcome
This putrid, aching, vile, scum

Two Flesh (Become One)

You can see through me
You’re always with me
You just flow right through me

When you look at me
Hiding beneath my skin
Wrecking me within
Is it beauty, normal, delusion, moral?

I’m so confined I have to get out of the here
I need to have some space on my own again
Her company is wonderful and I love her
But I need a chance to be myself again

Christ centered marriage
Means Christ, you, then me
This is the model of true love for eternity
Two hearts learn to live as one
Praise to God for my love
Joyfulness within
This is righteous, pure, blissful, secure

I’m suffering from irritation
He isn’t here when I want him to be
I deserve his complete undivided eye
So tell me why is he somewhere else
When I’m home by myself

You make me see
The one I need to be

Married life is so amazing
My spouse is so charming and beautiful
Everyday is just paradise with them
Every moment could to be like this

I will always be in love with you
You will always be with me
I will let you down in so many ways
But my love isn’t far away

Let me stay true to you forever [may God bless us]
I know this promise is hard to keep [we are only human]
I always choose you [I treasure you]

Now two flesh become one

About Album

In this world and modern age we have to deal with lust and pornography on a regular basis and it becomes difficult. For We Are Not Beasts is about these times and how porn will tell us lies and how the world will try to brake us. Written and preformed by husband and wife band TIMŌRĀTUS, this EP was made for those who struggle, who hurt and who need help!

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