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Hymns Of The Blackest Light: Volume 3

Hymns Of The Blackest Light: Volume 3

Hymns of Blackest Light Volume 3
Artists: Amelioration, Arkthrone, Bozkath, Orationem, Proven Existence, Qinot, Sentinel Mysterium, Stormsinger, Through The Storm, TIMŌRĀTUS
Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: September 15, 2019
Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Blackend Death Metal, Raw Black Metal, Symphonic Black Metal

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1. Amelioration - Trojan Horse
2. Arkthrone - Spirutal Hunger
3. Bozkath - God, Conqueror of Dark Spirtual Legions
4. Orationem - Salvation
5. Proven Existence - Sweet Mother
6. Qinot - Sheni Mem
7. Sentinel Mysterium - Incursion Sirenum
8. Stormsinger - Sine Nomine
9. Through The Storm - Enter Eternal Light
10. TIMŌRĀTUS - The Root of Unity

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