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    Israel’s Exodus (Исход Израиля)

    Israel’s Exodus (Исход Израиля)

    Artist: Gospod
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: 9-7-2021
    Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Avantgarde Metal, Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Symphonic Metal

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    1. The Oppresion of Israel (Exodus 1)
    2. The Birth of Moses (Exodus 2)
    3. The Burning Bush (Exodus 3)
    4. Signs for Moses (Exodus 4)
    5. Let My People Go (Exodus 5)
    6. God Speaks to Moses (Exodus 6)
    7. The Hardening of Pharaohs Heart (Exodus 7)
    8. Refusal Warnings (Exodus 8)

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