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Last Revolution

Artist: Angel 7
Label: Vision of God Records
Release Date: June 20, 2015
Genres: Blackend Death Metal, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal
People: Nikolay Kiriljuk (Guitars), Slava Malinin (Vocals / Keyboards / Bass / Drums / Programming), Alexander Grechanyuk (Guitars)

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Album Reviews

Ukrainian death metallers Angel 7 are bringing some heavy music to their country. Mixing death metal gutturals with soprano style vocals. Bringing metal in a new form alongside bands like O Wretched Man, Angel 7 is doing something very difficult to do. Symphonic death metal with soprano vocals, mixing Death Requisite, Aggelos, and Symphony of Heaven with bands like Living Sacrifice and Sepultura. Last Revolution is definitely an album worth purchasing.

Mason Beard (The Bearded Dragon)


1. Law Or Grace
2. Lions And Jackals
3. The Blind Leading The Blind
4. The Holy Oil Of My Lord
5. What The Lord Has Built
6. King Of Kings
7. Way To Heaven
8. Prophets Of The End Times
9. Freedom In Christ Or Death
10. The Final Revolution
11. Infidelity
12. Law or Grace (Bonus Track)
13. Way To Heaven (Bonus Track)
14. The Final Revolution (Bonus Track)

About Album

Last Revolution is the fourth album by Angel 7, the death metal/thrash metal studio project from Ukraine.