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    Rotten Inside

    Artist: Hating Evil
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: March 11, 2016
    Genre: Thrash Metal
    People: Eduardo Crestan - (Vocals / Guitars), Rafael Galdino - Lead Guitars (Backing Vocal), Felipo Blanc - (Bass / Backing Vocal), Vinícius Sousa - (Drums)

    Available On


    1. Rotten Inside
    2. Hell Avenger
    3. Pentagram
    4. Armour of God
    5. Desperate Humanity
    6. Spiritual Decadence
    7. Now Yell
    8. Desperated Humanity (Demo Version)
    9. Now Yell (Demo 2010)
    10. Spiritual Decadence (Demo 2010)
    11. Armour of God (Demo 2010)
    12. In the Abyss of Lies (Demo 2010)
    13. Hell Avenger [Version 2] (Demo 2010)
    14. Pentagram (Demo 2010)

    About Album

    Rotten Inside is the debut EP of Hating Evil, fast thrash from Brazil. The EP came through Martyrdom Records, before being re-released through Vision of God.