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The Great Mortality

Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: May 22, 2018
Genres: Black Metal, Blackend Death Metal, Death Grind Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Grindcore
People: David Napier, Courtney Napier

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Album Reviews

"The brilliance of this album is simply that it answers the number one problem with extreme metal, listener fatigue. Without decipherable vocals, if the music does not change and vary, the listener quickly tires of what he/she is hearing. The style changes about every 4 songs, so if one is not to your liking, maybe the next will be."

Chris Gatto - Heaven's Metal Magazine


1. Of Human Bondage
2. Eternal Loss
3. Intermission (2 Years Later)
4. Confrontation of the End
5. No One Left
6. Intermission (4 Years Later)
7. Slumbering Vision
8. Realization of Purpose
9. Intermission (8 Years Later)
10. Questions
11. Coming Into Her Own
12. Father
13. New Love
14. Winding Down
15. Deathbed
16. Kafla's Soul Leaves His Body


Of Human Bondage

What is this death?
Spread through the people
The corruption of the air
Light your fires and ward off the evils
Pray to God to heal the flesh,
Blackened and bruised
Oh my brothers, Oh my sisters,
Why do you suffer in torment
Oh my father, Oh my mother,
Start your praying and repent
What have we brought upon ourselves
So we sing and scream and cry to the One up on high
Red skin and darkened lungs weep the sorrow of the ages
What is this death?
Spread through the people
The corruption of the air
Has made us soft to weakness and we shall fall on our knees
Who is He? Who is He? Who can save us?
Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Call upon His name! The corruption of the air
So we sing and scream and cry to the One up on high
Red skin and darkened lungs weep the sorrow of the ages
Who is He? Who can save us?
Jesus Christ, the Son of God
Call upon His name

Eternal Loss

The pain of living in this place
The Great Mortality, The Pestilence
There is no safely for Kafla Serlaro
My family dies with a fear in their eyes
Please Lord God take this away from me
Take it away to the furthest of seas
Please don't test me in this way
How could I make it through
How could a God do this to his people?
How could He truly love me?
Holding my tongue I desire to curse your name
Who has safety for Kafla Serlaro?
My Family cries with this fear in their eyes
Please Lord God answer me this question
Why have you done this to me?
Demons now holding my mind in contempt
Butchering my dreams in the night
The solace I once had now completely gone
How could He truly love me?
Holding my love I can do nothing for her
As She just lays in my arms, dying
There is no love for Me
I look up to the heavens clutching her with my arms
Please Lord help me in my grief and sorrow
This land is dark as the sickness continues to breed
Everyone that I loved, Everyone that I cared for is now gone

Intermission (2 Years Later)


Confrontation of the End

I have become too numb to find
My whole life in a line
There must be a reason for what my God has sent before me
If this is who I am
Nothing but a filthy man
I don't deserve to live
I have nothing in my life to live for
I have nothing in my life to die for
I have nothing in my life to live for
I have nothing in my life to die for
Would it be better to die?
To just douse my soul in fire
Just to take a blade through my own flesh
My mind races with thoughts
But wait, Who is that who approaches
I shadow, a figure, a void of emptiness
Fingers extend just to meet with my face
Pulling back with ghastly terror
Maggots Now crawl from his side
I linger as I try to comprehend
The air is stale and cold
He calls to me I can take your pain away
The meat of his hand is rotting away
Dry and lean he reaches to touch me
Let me help you and you'll see
I try to resist with everything in me
I have become too numb to find
My whole life in a line
There must be a reason for what my God has sent before me
The rats crawl through the naked streets
The stench clouds with festered heat
Could this man really take it all away?
I, Kafla have nothing in this wretched land
All my family has been taken away
Could it really be worth it without my love?
Something deep inside of my heart tells me
This man is something to beware
The light is thin just as the all the air
I just can't move my feet to know
Take the hand of he who wants me to go
To some foreign land away from everything I know
Patiently the man holds out his hand
I start to reach but the voice inside of me
Pulls me away as I fall on my heels
Disappointed he falls back as well
The figure disappearing into the haze

No One Left

Stumbling throughout the streets
Nothing quite makes sense to me
A child cries in despair
No one left for her anywhere
As I come to approach her I ask her why
Have you come for me o' death?
Like you've taken those close to me
I welcome your sweet release
Please just let me see them again
I can't believe these word come from the mouth of a child
The beat of the heart like an endless drum
Can't soften the heat of this endless sun
But, why is this child so lost in despair?
What can I do?
Come to me little child
I am not stricken
With this sickness
Fear permeates her face
As she looks at me with unending grace
My mind still in a haze
I've already lost too much
Why should I care for this child?
She has no one to call
Is this a test from God?
Please tell me oh Lord please tell me
Why, help me she softly asks with innocence
Because, you are the same as me with no family
I know the pain and great tragedy that comes with being me
Do not cry, just take comfort and dry your eyes
Down inside
The loss still eats at me
God guide me

Intermission (4 Years Later)


Slumbering Vision

The years are rolling
Tripping over themselves
In the twilight
I lay my head down
Counting all as lost
And dream of you
Oh, my love
Wrap your arms around me
Fill my soul with yours
Don't dwell on the sorrow
Don't be burdened
Know that I am with you
Watching and waiting
He has plans for you
I wake with memories of you
Driven to continue
I love you
I miss you
Burning with new purpose
I love you
I miss you
You are with me, always pushing
You are inside of me, always growing
This child, she grows in this world without you
All I can do now is continue to dream
Oh my love
Wrap your arms around me (Oh, how I miss you)
Oh my love (Oh how I love you)
Don’t dwell on sorrow
He has plans for you
My dreams may end but the memories remain
Filled with vision
Filled with purpose
I'll see you again, my love
I'll see you once again
Death knocks at my door
Death extends his hand
But, I quickly refuse

Realization of Purpose

This life means everything to me
The world is lost without it's King
With the crushing weight of this sound
Please of Lord, send my dreams by angel light
The child has grown, furthering in love
Your power shows through, my peace improves
Days, upon days, upon days... waiting
Your love, shines through
Your servants, stay true
My love, I'll see again
For now I have been trusted
To guide and protect
The times always seem to be changing
Changing, always changing
But they never really do
You my God, never change
The sins of man have broken all our homes
But, Your love has formed our souls
The mountains and the seas speak of your beauty and your power
God, give me strength

Intermission (8 Years Later)



The fool said with his heart that there is no God
But, father...
Don't be corrupted by those who want to destroy you and take your blood
God looks down from the heavens
Upon His children
Corrupted then forgiven
Those who lead me to my death how no way to save me
Child, you must go and prosper
I have loved you as my own

Coming Into Her Own

To Christ He holds the truth
To life He now leads the way
Judgment, it comes to all
Kafla, father, help me please
Child, what do you need of me?
The world crumbles beneath my feet
Trust in the Lord to save you from this wicked world below and it's unrighteousness


She is now dreaming
Blotted in memory, let the water flood my soul
Lord, please fill this gnashing, gaping hole
She wakes
Father what does it mean
Don't cry, just come, to me, sweet child
The loss, of those, I love, pains me
A knock at the door
Who could it be?

New Love

The door opens as a man just stands asking for her
What do you want?
I saw you earlier and just had to know
Your beauty is remarkable
Your beauty is amazing
I must know, what is your name?
My name is Lucia
I am Simon
The lamplights warm the night
The streets are pale and white
Her hand in his as nothing passes their sight

Winding Down

My life rides on wings
As we walk down the street gazing in each others eyes
The peace of the Lord came upon them
I know now that I do not have long in this Earth
I just can't wait to go home


Father don't go please
I must go child, my body is not meant for this world
Panic sets in like a knife
I've lost too much in this world
You've met a good man
Now, go with God
I will always love you for what you have done for me
Child, I have done nothing, for the Lord, He saves

Kafla's Soul Leaves His Body


About Album

This is a story of a man named Kefla Selaro living during the time of the Black Plague. His tale of loss and rejuvenation of purpose and ultimately death, but not without living a life of charity and help.

This album is a collection of previous EPs (Black, Death, Doom & Grind), rerecorded, rewritten, remixed and remastered with 3 new additional “Intermission” tracks linking the genres together (Black Metal to Death Metal, Death Metal to Doom Metal and Doom Metal to Grindcore).