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    Your Presence And Strength

    Artist: Orationem
    Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
    Release Date: October 20, 2017
    Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal

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    1. To Turn This Ailment
    2. Your Presence And Strength
    3. Conflicted
    4. Comfort That Never Fails
    5. Missing The Answer
    6. A Better Example
    7. Point Of Contrast


    To Turn This Ailment

    Oh great Healer and Protector
    Jesus Christ in heaven
    Please carry me through
    this path of pain

    For a long time
    I have suffered
    with sickness and discomfort

    Cancer has taken from me
    quality of life
    forcing me to rely on others
    for a year

    I know there is a reason
    I have survived
    I know there is a reason
    that I am going through this

    I continue to pray
    for relief of my symptoms
    For the knowledge of Your will
    and that one day
    I will be able to turn this ailment
    into strength

    Your Presence And Strength

    Lord, I seek and love You
    and am in awe of
    Your breathing beauty

    I immerse myself
    in nature
    Everywhere I look
    I am surrounded by life

    The wind carries Your song
    The trees surge in Your name
    Wildlife reflects Your design

    Witnessing Your works
    on this earth
    with eyes You have created
    fills me with amazement

    I praise You
    Holy Lord God
    that everywhere I look
    I am reminded of
    Your presence and strength


    Glorified and praised
    Holy God on the throne
    Your kindness is abundant

    For all the trials
    I have faced in my life
    I find myself conflicted
    in my mental well being

    anger turned inward
    distracts me
    from what's really important
    for this time on Earth

    I cannot fix my thinking
    with corrupt thinking

    Jesus, I come to you
    for mental guidance
    to focus on You
    and the joys of life

    I constantly strive
    to prevail in my outlook
    as my perception
    creates quality life

    Comfort That Never Fails

    Christ the Liberator
    I once again seek You
    I need Your comfort
    that never fails

    While there are many
    joys to be had in life
    I see many who struggle

    Please guide me
    to be able to aid those
    who are down in life

    I come to You
    to say the right things
    and that my advice
    will benefit them

    Holy God, assist them
    that they come to You
    Life doesn't have
    to overwhelm
    in the light of Your glory

    Missing The Answer

    Living and Breathing God
    of this universe
    I celebrate in Your glory

    I've encountered individuals
    that do not know You
    They seem to wander aimlessly
    in life, missing the answer

    I wish to tell everyone
    about Your saving grace
    How a relationship with You
    enhances living

    Please enable me
    with the courage and the words
    to make an impact

    Praise be to the Lord
    Jesus Christ
    I hope everyone will
    come to know You

    A Better Example

    Dear Christ the King
    Son of God and Inspiring Force
    Please use me to reach others
    in Your name

    I know I fall short
    and I am a sinner
    I am filled with gratitude
    that You have paid
    for my sins

    I wish to repent
    from old behavior
    Please use Your blood
    and wash me pure

    I know I can make progress
    in the choices I make
    I can be a better example
    on how to live

    I yearn to be like Christ
    to be a beacon of love
    and a comrade to those
    who are in need

    Point Of Contrast

    Excellent and remarkable
    Deity known as God the Father
    Son and Holy Spirit

    You have many followers
    and many feel Your presence
    but differences in doctrine
    and tradition
    have created conflict

    I pray to You
    that we can set aside
    points of contrast
    and keep Your love
    and glory as our core

    We will be known
    as Christians for our love
    to be the best portrayal
    of Christ as we can

    Please help us to understand
    that what's really important
    we already have

    Salvation and love
    through You

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