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Lament has been going for 24 years now.

The band formed in 1993 as the band Beheaded. As Beheaded, they released a single demo, titled EL VALLE DE LA DECISION, which translated means THE VALLEY OF DECISION, in 1994. In 1996, they changed their name to Lament. The next year, the band dropped their seminal debut album, known as TEARS OF A LEPER, which came through Rowe Productions. Two years later, THROUGH THE REFLECTION was released through Little Rose Productions, a label hosting bands such as Crimson Thorn, Mordecai, Immortal Souls, Deuteronomium and Sanctifica. On schedule, the band released their third album, BREATHLESS in 2001, through Kingdom Records.

8 years went by before the release of RENAISSANCE. The album came through Lament Records, a label the members created to release their album, in 2009. 2013 saw the release of LEFT BEHIND through Roxx Productions, a label hosting bands such as Deliverance, Malchus and Biogenesis. By 2017, the band signed to Vision of God Records and announced the re-release of TEARS OF A LEPER and a new album.

Lament has been down on the level for years, but now they have resurfaced. Lament has been slowly rising up the ranks, and they are here to stay.