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2019 Fundraiser Code & Free CD Choices

2019 Fundraiser Code & Free CD Choices

Enter Code: 2019 (At Checkout) and receive 10% off your support order! (Minimum of $25 order)

For every $25 spent, ALSO pick a FREE CD! (Not including postage-must be $25 increments of just product – must exceed $25 increments after you use the discount code, if not $25 no free CD will be sent)

To Receive FREE ITEMS, add to order notes (do not add to cart, just put in order notes at the end of checkout again must be in proper increments after you use discount code)

This is valid WORLDWIDE!!! Outside the USA we will ship in a envelope WITHOUT Jewel Case.

We do this annually during our fundraiser sales 🙂


(While Supplies Last – This part will be erased, when offer is over) ACT QUICKLY!

Free Vinyl List

Purchase $75 of VINYL and choose a FREE VINYL (Vinyl only, not including postage. Order must be $75 of just product. Must exceed $75 even after discount code, or no vinyl will be sent)

  • Temple of Perdition – Tetragrammaton (Black Splotch or Purple Vinyl ONLY) LP
  • Demoniciduth – Enemy of Satan LP
  • Ceremonial Sacred – Eternity Begins Tonight 7″ EP

Our way of saying THANK YOU FOR HELPING FUND THIS YEARS FUTURE RELEASES! (Preorders on site for Vials of Wrath, Holy Blood, Proclamus, and Anima Mortuum releases as well as others)

Free CD List

(Choose 1 CD per $25 of Product NOT including Shipping) must exceed $25 after using discount code!

  • Aslsradt – Northern Climes of Sorrow
  • Angel 7 – The Last Revolution
  • Antidemon – Ring of Fire
  • Antidemon – Satanichaos
  • Antidemon – Tormenterror DVD
  • Black Leather – The New Liberty
  • Brutal Cross – The Perfect Storm
  • Dark Night – Day Of The Dead
  • Eyes of the Defiled – Distant Tellings
  • Elgibbor – Revenger of Blood
  • Final Vortex – A Labyrinth of Haunted Mirrors
  • Hazeroth – Charms of Sin
  • Irgalom – Song Of Ascents/When The Strong Men Stoop
  • Supresion – Emerging Extermination
  • This Divided World – Discography
  • TIMORATUS – The Great Mortality
  • Temple of Perdition – Tetragrammaton
  • They Wither – S/T
  • A Rose Hill
  • Cane Creek Tragic
  • Endtimes Productions Sampler

To receive FREE ITEMS, add to order notes (do not add to cart, just put in order notes at the end of checkout)

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  • YourFriendPablo
    Reply February 8, 2019 5:40 am

    Great, I really like it! Youre awesome

  • Joel Torres
    Reply February 28, 2019 9:12 pm

    More t shirts please

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