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    NEWS::::::::: NEW RELEASES!
    Many have asked for a few bands on vinyl. Unfortunately lower run vinyl is very high priced… we will do a run of a few vinyl pieces for the collectors! all these pieces will contain printed inner sleeves with lyrics. We will be posting these on the site for pre order NEXT WEEK. They will be strictly limited to 100 copies each pressing. (vinyl colors will be announced soon as well.
    1. Antidemon – Apocalypsenow LP (pre order up next week)
    2. Vials of Wrath – Days Without Names LP (pre order up next week)
    3. Vials of Wrath- Seeking Refuge (new remixed ultimate edition version) LP
    After this we will take a vote on which limited pressing is next!
    Which Release that we have done would you like to see on vinyl?
    Coming soon on CD we have
    1. Golgota- The Chronicles
    2. Zurisadai- The coming Of Annihilation
    3. Since The Death- New Release
    4. Cerimonial Sacred- Christ Worshippers (new Version, 3 copies of original pressing remain!)
    5. Dawnbreaker- New Release (They have moved from CMU to VOGR)
    For Christian Metal Underground Records There will be some new announcements soon.
    There were 3 new Releases on cmu over the past month.
    Be sure to check out the new release from The Arbiter!
    What Brings Ruin & Shekinah both have new releases on CMU Just RELEASED!
    2 new contracts in the works for CMU…
    Some new shirts will be added to the site!
    Stay Tuned For those pre orders on these collectors vinyl pieces!