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    2021 Fundraiser Bundle 3 Doom Metal (CD)


    1 in stock


    All Christian Metal Underground releases—all demo series style(Except the 2 arbiter cds…those are 6 panel digipack)
    2 panel inlay on pro duplicated disc
    1. Blessed are the dead who die in the lord 3 way split
    2. Timoratus – reverentia
    3. Gnoma Holocausto
    4. Gnoma – Muerte
    5. The Arbiter – Water from the river
    6. The Arbiter – my messenger
    7. Scrolls The Demo session (Mixed genres)
    8. Prayer – alpha (Djenty)
    Bonus–Drakonian Krombie & Decibel Demon (Pre Incubus)
    10 cds total w/Combo shipping!!

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