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    Crushing The Deceiver – S/T (CD)

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    Crushing The Deceiver was formed in 2016 by Grant Mohler who handles vocals and Johnny Rios on guitars also featuring Ryan Morrow on bass and Trent Allen on drums. The band has a sole purpose and mission with Crushing The Deceiver and that is to save people’s lives, by bringing them to know God through Metal music. They are the true meaning of Jesus Metal, bold and unashamed.

    The debut album is full of surprises featuring many guest appearances from across the Christian music scene. Including Jake Martin (Taking The Head of Goliath), Michael Phillips (Join The Dead, Deliverance), Greg Minier (The Crucified, Applehead) and Shawn Beaty (Dogwood) all doing what they do best and throwing it down on the bands debut release.

    Track Listing:

    01. An Angels Armor
    02. The Light Inside Me
    03. Guide The Way To You
    04. In God’s Hands
    05. Pushing Back Hell
    06. Crushing The Deceiver
    07. Born Again
    08. Forever Free
    09. Gabriel’s Song