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Elgibbor – War (CD)

$9.99 $5.00

World renowned Black Metal artist Elgibbor has returned once again with a brand new full length! War sees Elgibbor adding elements of punk, grind, and even more doom into his frightening and ferocious onslaught, prepare for WAR!

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  1. Darkness Will Become Like Morning
  2. Lament Concerning The King Of Tyre
  3. Seven Angels With Seven Plagues
  4. Megiddo
  5. The Almighty
  6. The Hammer Of The Whole Earth
  7. The Dead Are Judged
  8. Satan’s Doom
  9. War
  10. The Seventy Sevens
  11. Samekh
  12. Sorrow Of The Damned Nation
  13. Day Of War And Battle
  14. Outro