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Hguols – Maunstraut (CD)

$9.99 $3.33

3 in stock


  1. To Solace
  2. Epitome of Unprecedented Deaths (Dark Destiny)
  3. Epitome of Threnodies Abided (Hlodyn)
  4. Epitome of Sovereign Toccatas
  5. Epitome of Eternity (Trismegistus)
  6. Destined to Find Sanctuary (The Eternal Story)
  7. I Found the Essence of Darkness (Journey to Despair)
  8. Within the Grip of Insanity (A Cryptic Welcome)
  9. In This Exchange of Demise (Forsaken, Forever)
  10. Hordes of the Undead (Rain)
  11. Hordes of the Undead (Silence)
  12. Zeir Grimholdt