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    In-Conquered – Nor Rivaled, Nor Equalled (CD)



    This is a BRAND NEW project!. The man behind this is not a newcomer as he is a veteran of the Extreme metal Scene.
    This is MUST OWN TITLE! For fans of: Third Moon, Dark Funeral, Septic Flesh, Depresy
    FREE single here on this Bandcamp player!
    This BRAND NEW version has Replicated CDs!!
    slightly different back cover adding the VOGR logo as In-Conquered has made it to the VOGR roster!!

    1.The Fall
    2.The Treachery
    3.The Lost
    4.The Chance
    5.The Awakening
    6.The Salvation
    7.The Promise
    8.The Path

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    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)