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    Malchus – The Evil House (CD)

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    Hardcore-metal riffs interwoven with melodic transitions, light and dark themes blended together effortlessly across all of the tracks on their brand new Roxx Records debut entitled ‘The Evil House’. This brand new release brings big drums, big riffs, big hooks and some very catchy metal anthems, with each release this band just gets better and better!

    The Evil House is a concept album which documents the dark descent of a young frustrated Pole’s soul, and the lyrics relate to his spiritual journey, while focusing on his everyday struggles against adversity. Malchus have been torch bearers for the Polish heavy metal music scene for the last 11 years, but on this, their latest and 4th full length release, we get the band’s first album recorded completely in the English language.

    Track Listing:

    1. The Enemy No 1
    2. The Evil House
    3. 77
    4. Eyes Open
    5. From Dust
    6. Mother
    7. Tripudium
    8. But Deliver Us
    9. Creed
    10. Winter