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    Metanoia – In Darkness Or In Light (Reissue) (Double CD)

    Out of stock


    2-CD collection of recordings from the first 5 years of Metanoia – 3 demos and 1 album, making a total of 29 songs! The booklets are actually genuine leftovers from the original pressing in 1995, but all the audio has been remastered for your listening pleasure. If you like your brand of extreme metal different and diverse, then Metanoia is your band! SHIPPING NOW!


    DISC 1

    1. In Darkness Or In Light
    2. Acute Obliteration
    3. Enslavement
    4. In Darkness Or In Light
    5. On And On
    6. Dead Flesh
    7. Dimensions Of Life
    8. Son Of Man
    9. Torn By Dogs
    10. Death Of Death
    11. Seventh Seal
    12. Akeldama (1995)
    13. Akeldama
    14. Death Of The Innocent
    15. Valley Of Dry Bones
    16. Eternal Destruction

    DISC 2

    1. Screaming Fetus (1994)
    2. Death Of Death
    3. Dead Flesh
    4. Torn By Dogs
    5. Decomposition-Reconstitution (Valley Of Dry Bones)
    6. Ripped In Two
    7. Screaming Fetus Demo (1990)
    8. Creator
    9. The Return To Destiny
    10. Standin’ In The Light
    11. Torn By Dogs
    12. Kill Or Be Killed
    13. Witches
    14. Avalanche
    15. Metal Mission
    16. Unknown