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    Pantokrator – A Decade of Thoughts (CD)

    $15.99 $14.49

    1 in stock


    With seven previously unreleased tracks finally made available for the first time, this is not an ordinary compilation, but PANTOKRATOR is also not the ordinary metal band. 14 tracks packed with the intense feeling the band is known for highlights their 10 years, together with personal memories, drawings and photos serving both as a celebration and a take off for future adventures along the road.

    Strictly limited to only 850x with 12 page silver on black embossed booklet.

    1. Punish The Evil
    2. Unclean Plants
    3. Come Let Us Flee
    4. Bundsförvant
    5. Leviathan
    6. Lamentation
    7. Nebuchadnezzar
    8. Gudablodets Kraft
    9. Separated By Night
    10. Via Dolorosa
    11. Tidevarv
    12. Cut Into Pieces
    13. White Robes
    14. Psalm 29

    Year: Momentum Scandinavia