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Propiciatorium – Come And See (CD)

$13.99 $7.77

2 in stock


eternal records import!!!
a superb symphonic black metal (unblack) Band IN THE VEIN OF
Dimmu Borgir, Vaakevandring, Dying Blaze, Admonish, and hints of old Crimson Moonlight. Professional CD and packaging from Eternal Records. Absolutely a intense, top-notch musicianship with the superiority of the gospel of Jesus Christ prominent throughout

a very hard to get cd!!!
the cds have a few slight scuffs on the cds during shipping—hence the extra special price
(all play perfect GUARENTEED)

01. Incensory (Intro)
02. An Open Door
03. Worthy Is The Lamb
04. Fallen The Big Babylon
05. Come And See
06. The Book Sealed
07. Ecstasy Of The Victory