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Secunda Morte / Winds Of Terror – Litanies of the Apocalypse, the Second Death (CD)

$11.99 $8.99

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Mexican import
no lyrics-pro duplicated disc
limited supply!
1.Secunda Morte – Intro
2.Secunda Morte – Apocalyptic Whore
3.Secunda Morte – Crucify The Flesh
4.Secunda Morte – My Shield
5.Secunda Morte – Over Darkness
6.Secunda Morte – Satanic Rebellion Crushed
7.Secunda Morte – Second Death
8.Secunda Morte – Ap. 21:1
9.Winds of Terror – Intro: Festivus Adventus Apocalyptic Ignis
10.Winds of Terror – The Anguish of the Saints
11.Winds of Terror – Prayer for Destruction
12.Winds of Terror – Blood on Earth
13.Winds of Terror – Death Camps
14.Winds of Terror – Order ov Chaos
15.Winds of Terror – Outro