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Slaves BC – All is Dust & I am Nothing (12″ Vinyl)

$19.99 $17.49

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“All is Dust and I am Nothing” is the first full length LP from Pittsburgh’s Slaves BC. The release marks the culmination of three years of writing and recording that tracks the band’s musical evolution from 2012 to 2015. The album is a concept album that is based upon a subject matter that is as bleak as the music, the book of Ecclesiastes. “All is Dust and I Am Nothing” chronicles an exploration into the meaning of life as the band drew upon their many influences to discover new sounds.
1.God Has Turned His Back 03:06
2.Crawling Through Nothing to Nothing 05:38
3.Dust 04:04
4.All Find Their Way to the Grave 04:49
5.Everything is Meaningless 03:01
6.Everything Under the Sun 05:07
7.Nothing Remains but Death 03:38
8.There is Nothing for Me Here 04:08
9.Why Are We Here? 04:45