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    Duane Keith II has been in the music business for many years now. Keith formed Vision of God Records in February of 2013 and has been serving the Lord ever since.

    Keith used to run a mainstream label and was in a touring band before he received a vision from God. He put together a label which has become known as Vision of God Records.

    Keith contacted This Divided World brainchild, Micah Brill, and he signed them to the label. Brill assisted Keith in getting a compilation together called True Warriors of Christ, which featured Parallax Withering, Adelaide, Eyes of the Defiled and The Twelfth Amethyst. That came out in late 2013.

    Soon after the release, Keith and his wife fell on hard times, relying only on God to provide, using their money to support Brutal Cross and They Wither. God provided as he always does and got Keith some income for this ministry.

    The label grew from there. Bands continued to sign to the label. God has continued to provide for Keith and his ministry. The label has become a staple in the Christian metal realm, bringing together a roster of bands such as Antidemon, Lament, Holy Blood and Demoniciduth, bands that have rooted in the scene since the 1990s.

    To encapsulate what Vision of God Records seeks is to create more than a business relationship with the metal or Christian Metal community. They want to see YOU flourish and to create true relationship based on passion for music and for a love for God.

    Financially, it is the purpose of Vision of God Records is to support bands and artists and also to help build churches and fund missionaries around the world.

    Glory to God in the Highest.