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    Vision Of God Records News

    Elgibbor Tormented Video

    New Release Worldwide Digital and CD 4.9, Vinyl going to pressing! Get the FREE single here!!! Corruptus Vindicta (Black/Unblack Metal) by Elgibbor...

    Overseas buyers—No shipping thru Skylake Inland

    Hello to our wonderful overseas supporters. We have had a 4th issue with this courier company skylake inland. 4 seperate customers from our site and from ebay has done orders (seperate time over this year). Tracking numbers always shows delivered and this company says they never...

    Antidemon 1st vinyl release EVER!

    Antidemon Vinyl is in! they look AMAZING! Stop by and grab 1 while you can 25 years in ministry! they deserved a vinyl release!