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    Vision Of God Records News

    New Releases For May 2018

    Lots and lots of exciting releases coming! This Divided World - CD & New t-shirt Golgota - From the Grave CD Alstadt - New CD Antidemon - Satanichaos Reissue CD & New t-shirt Cerimonial Sacred - Eternity Begins Tonight 7” EP This is just for the month of May!...

    New Releases Are Here!

    We have a lot of new releases from Vision of God Records and Christian Metal Underground Records! From Vision of God Records Antidemon's Ring of Fire CD Prayer's Alpha CD From Christian Metal Underground Records We finally put out the rest of the Imperial Dusk and Dark Night discographies! That's...

    Journey There And Back Again

    I grew up in a Christian home. I went to church Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening. I also went to a Christian school from pre-school all the way through graduating from high school. Something was always missing from my life though. It never...