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    Charms Of Sin

    Artist: Hazeroth
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: September 30, 2015
    Genre: Black Metal
    People: Marcelo Ledes (Bass), Estevan Anderle (Drums / Voices), Warley Cardoso (Vocals), Thiago Bernardo (Guitar)

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    Album Reviews

    Brazil’s Hazeroth has returned with their most powerful release yet, the full length, Charms of sin. This black metal band has been pounding out solid tracks since 2001, but Charms of sin has taken the band from rough hewn artistry to a polished brilliance.


    1. Entering The Presence
    2. Outrage
    3. Diabolus
    4. Tremble Of Those Who Perish
    5. Charms Of Sin
    6. Flame Of The Battle In Hazeroth
    7. I Surrender To Holiness
    8. This Is Our God
    9. King Of The Nations
    10. All Honor

    About Album

    Charms of Sin is the third album by Hazeroth, black metal from Brazil. The album was released through Resistance Records.