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    Christ Rising – Like A White Washed Tomb (Free Download)

    Christ Rising – Like A White Washed Tomb (Free Download)

    Artist: Christ Rising
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Genres: Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Gothic Metal, Sludge

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    1. Like A White Washed Tomb Download


    Like A White Washed Tomb

    Hide your face in pathetic shame
    All you preaching for worldly fame or gain
    Don't you know that God reads our hearts
    And on judgement day
    He will tear yours apart
    Wake up now and repent
    Or the fires of hell on you will not relent
    The day will come when your time runs out
    There will be no where to run

    You will face your doom
    Like a whitewashed tomb

    About Album

    Christ Rising brings forth a new single for FREE DOWNLOAD
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