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Dominio Total

Artist: Endless Sacrifice
Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: August 4, 2016
Genre: Death Metal
People: Germán Mono Baer (Bass), Marcelo Lezchik (Drums), Diego Barrera (Guitar / Vocals)

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1. Diabolous Vicarium
2. Endless Sacrifice
3. Profetas de Baal (Prophets of Baal)
4. Invocacion
5. Prisones Eternas de Oscuridad (Eternal Prisons of Darkness)
6. Sepulcro Sin Victoria (No Victory Grave)
7. Jucio Final
8. Aquae Vitae (Water Is Life)
9. Dominio Total (Total Domain)
10. Segunda Venida (Second Coming)

About Album

Dominio Total is the debut release of Endless Sacrifice, which came out in 2016. The album has death metal written all over it. The album was released through Vampire Records, before re-releasing with Vision of God Records.