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Hora Novena (Ninth Hour) [EP]

Artist: Mefiboseth
Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
Release Date: February 8, 2017
Genres: Black Metal, Blackend Death Metal, Gothic Metal
People: Elías Espinal (Bass), Javier Palma (Guitars), Leonardo Zelaya (Drums), Byron Alvarez (Vocals)

Available On


1. Quo Vadis
2. La Septima Copa (The Seventh Cup)
3. Redencion (Redemption)
4. Hora Novena (Ninth Hour)
5. Valley Of Shadows
6. El Lagado (The Legacy)

About Album

Hora Novena (Nineth Hour) is the debut EP by the unblack metal band Mefiboseth. The EP was released three times, once through Eirene Records, then by Vision of God, and finally Christian Metal Underground.