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    Artist: Cerimonial Sacred
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: June 6, 2005
    Genres: Black Metal, Blackend Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
    People: Abissai Darkaliel (Guitar / Bass), Melancton Samengalef (Vocals / Bass)

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    Album Reviews

    Cerimonial Sacred is definitely one of the better bands I have heard come out of the South American unblack scene. If you are interested in the South American bands, I would certainly recommend these guys along with Golgota and Devotam.

    thejoker, Encyclopaedia Metallum


    1. In My Cold Cell (Instrumental)
    2. Tears Of A Christian Hero
    3. Blood Storm
    4. My Dead Feelings (Instrumental)
    5. A Song For The Immortals
    6. Religious Crematory
    7. To Find The King
    8. The Hell Will Not To Prevail


    Tears Of A Christian Hero

    The days are gone already and here lays the leached ashes which haven't had a funeral...
    From happiness to pain, just like the hours
    Of an endless nightmare, silently I move my body from one side to another in a constant surplus

    My shaking eyes caused by the twisting of my head.
    Endlessly stare at the image
    Reflex from a light torch
    Which sad ans silent shadow pours over me it's cold and torturing glace having the pain
    And emotion in the deepest of my soul
    I'm getting crazy in constant delirium in a madness phenetch
    IIn my lametation verses, state delirious notes and this madness
    Swallows me and it's ghostly hate cuts me, marinated
    in the pain tearful well
    I can fell the death bitter taste, which is peering ad wandering an the insanity pain

    I find myself in a sad world, victim - like, pattern as a thousand dead bodies' extinguished image
    My soul touches heaven in this deafening silence, so that they will be able to lead me where my body belongs to

    My spirit is fed up of my body morning now I face the dark and the flame in my heart
    Is coldly coming to the an end
    I get rid from this dwelling declining to ride among angels
    I leave body to worms in the necropolis of those who lay in a permanent glory

    Blood Storm

    Sadness runs down my face
    Sadness writes me describing sorrow
    Sadness over my hair splatters
    Dead darkness that falls down
    Sad just like an endless moment
    Too sad that scares me

    The wind blows strongly out there my Lord
    And announces one more winter coming, stuck in this cold cell
    I am able to hear the coming storm depressed
    Moaning through
    The tiny opening, in the wall
    Seeing the first drops of the big torment in the early morning
    Still wrapped up in shrouds

    I will feel the pleasant breeze in touch
    with my injuried face I want to be not paying attention to anything
    But watching you, before the fire reaches me

    The rain has already started its gloomy whine and the terrible
    Algoz cortege pulls out pieces from my starving body...
    Which words will I drag up to you?
    If there is no strength in my body, I'm only able to think

    Sad just like the labor mornings, going now here
    I wander along the empty cell, acrophobic the catatonic nostalgic
    Spine in my rock hiding, the madness devils watch me
    And the water noise invades my casket, it comes like a
    Vengeance warning, just like it has been pushed by some powerful hands

    Blood storm, such as pitilessness torrents, will dye the sky in scarlet red

    Sadness runs down my face
    Sadness writes me describing sorrow
    Too sad that scares me
    Too sad and too much, the only know how to be too sad

    A Song For The Immortals

    Spirits that cry
    Voices mixed with the darkness on the open outside
    Graves and worms that tear flesh apart
    Screams outside bring me the rumors of the end of all work
    Just as it will do in the sad song of a poet
    Stood outside, his sad face observes me, his action
    The punishment that brings me the peace with tears were shed
    I don't listen to the sing of the birds ans the Angel
    in a sad gesture leaned his wings
    Afraid of the down, I cry, and it is raised of sentencer post in the tribunal of holy office
    This is the hour that crowds will walk under the light of whose name had already been pronounced in Heaven
    I make a song for the immortals longing the conquer of eternety
    Purified by the inquisitor fire, I'm washed by the flames
    of the decide one contemplation
    In my torments I glorify myself about my actions

    Sentenced to death a big bonfire was lit for me
    Martirized by the pope demency, the crowed of violence start with its followers ready
    The tyrant manifests it self, I'll keep my duty, I'll follow as a sheep to be degolated
    in a slaughterhouse I arrive to the place of my sorrow, praying all the time

    They set the fire and I hand in my soul to the one I served in hope of an eternal reward
    And on the highest grave I see a tree with his open wings
    And once more, if was written: Rest in Peace

    Religious Crematory

    Crashing the flesh
    Violating every reason
    A Christian prisioner of the private feast of celebration
    The martyrdom is complete with sacrifice ritual
    Pieces of my body are unfastened of me
    The black fire traverses my veins
    Oily blood that vacates my body and the pain that reveals
    And over my body attacks
    Morbid reality in front of me, worst the condition, burning fetidness sulfuric pirofobia insane on the religious crematory
    Beast ritual invoking destroyer fire
    My soul is ready to dominion that the Lord inhabits
    For the celebration and delight in supremacy of His appearance
    Christ was invocated to join with
    His loyal in adoration
    From the ashes rested, I go away...

    To Find The King

    Traversing all paths ...
    Going all the speed ...
    Beyond all we know ...
    To make apparent, names that were
    People who died,
    And voices that have not heard more ...
    To be applauded
    And that their faces are remembered
    in memory of many
    Members of the history of martyrdom
    The Christian supremacy

    The Hell Will Not To Prevail

    It was the collapse of the black ...
    Voraz can see the sunset ...
    Scroll through the cold corridors of the palace of fear
    Blaze invade the kingdom of Satan.
    I see nothing in my way, follow the flames of the way until the fall
    The pain gets nostalgic in my bowels
    I am a soldier in the battlefield.
    Almas enegrecidas inquest, all are hidden
    Show their spears, raise their trophies, the army of Christ
    Trampling march to hell.
    Millions of auras sudden, I see the dark spilling
    tears and crying.
    The constellation is deleting this infernal
    All are prepared for collective ritual
    Open up the doors, the Legions subjuguem diabolical
    Anticipate the decline of the wicked souls to the infernal holocaust.
    Lucifer desperately awaiting the final implementation of
    his sentence of death.
    I driver ignited the sword
    I am an enemy of Satan, and I hate the enemy attacks, and the fruit of
    I hate the seed generated in the dark
    And opposition to hell a storm progresses.
    Who can stop the arms of God?
    Who is that with a spark and burn forests composed?
    What demon is so powerful as Christ, whose power is eternal?
    The war began ...

    About Album

    Our War is Only Against Hell is the debut release of Cerimonial Sacred, the unblack metal band. The album was first released in 2005, through Extreme Records.

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