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    Revenger Of Blood

    Artist: Elgibbor
    Label: Vision of God Records
    Release Date: May 1, 2016
    Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Black Metal, Folk Metal

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    1. Intro
    2. The Armor
    3. Armageddon
    4. The Day And Hour We Don't Know
    5. The Lamp
    6. The Beast Of The Earth
    7. Lord Of Light
    8. The Separation
    9. Niewolnicy Uzurpatora (Slaves To The Usurper)
    10. Fire And Sword
    11. Deliver
    12. Outro

    About Album

    Revenger of Blood is the 12th album from the unblack metal project Elgibbor. Fire from Frost Like Ashes brings everything to a new level of black metal with their prominent release of this album.