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    True Holy Black Metal

    Artist: Orationem
    Label: Christian Metal Underground Records
    Genre: Black Metal
    People: Thomas Eversole

    Available On


    1. My Lord Is Still Here
    2. Christ, Fill My Heart
    3. True Holy Black Metal
    4. The Forgiver
    5. A Reflection of Your Design
    6. I Reject Evil


    My Lord Is Still Here

    Jesus Christ
    Creator and Savior of all
    I wish to think
    on what is righteous, just,
    noble and pure

    I know You are always with me
    Even when I am distracted
    and far away in thought

    My Lord is still here

    Please cleanse my mind
    point me toward Your will
    deliver me from despair
    and any trouble
    real or imagined

    For with You, I know no fear
    The God of all is in control
    You have given me
    a firm place to stand
    and have placed a song
    in my heart

    Christ, Fill My Heart

    Blessed Redeemer
    please take my anger, hate,
    resentment and stubbornness

    Christ, fill my heart
    with love, laughter and song

    I wish to be virtuous
    I long to be like You
    Lord enable me to help others
    and be patient in all things

    Everything I know on this earth
    is temporary
    I strive to invest in spirituality
    than this world and its controversy

    Enrich me with hope
    remind me of your holiness
    teach me how to love others
    as You have loved me

    True Holy Black Metal

    Lord, I bow to You in worship
    You made me the way I am
    I am Your soldier
    and Your instrument in song

    I shout the praises to
    the one true holy God
    Who was and is and is to come

    Jesus Christ
    the world is Your domain
    with my abilities You've granted
    I perform for You

    I have been saved from hell
    from the grasp of sin and death
    because of that, this music
    is in Your name

    Trve Holy Black Metal
    with crashing cymbals and melody
    This music is my threshold
    to exalt You, the Most High

    The Forgiver

    Dear Heavenly Father
    I thank You for the rest
    you have given me
    when I was weary with illness

    Christ, the Forgiver
    You were pierced
    for our transgressions
    and crushed for our iniquities
    You have redeemed my life
    from the darkest abyss

    There is much pain in this life
    but You have freed me
    from suffering

    I will do God's work
    while I am still here
    but I eagerly await the day
    when sorrow, pain,
    death and sin
    will pass away

    A Reflection of Your Design

    I rejoice in my salvation
    I am joyful to the Lord
    My God, You are everything to me

    Because of my joy in You
    I desire to praise Your name
    My head is filled with music
    my art is a reflection of Your design

    With my Lord and Savior
    Jesus Christ
    in my heart and life
    I will put to use
    the gift of music
    that I have been given

    When I create
    powerful songs
    with moving emotion
    I am overwhelmed with joy
    that I can praise you
    for eternity

    I Reject Evil

    O most holy Christ,
    You have heard our cries
    You are the stronghold
    for my extended Christian family

    Everything You have willed
    and allowed
    is what's best for me
    even if it's not my plan

    I reject evil
    I do not desire what is false
    My suffering has made me steadfast
    for You have held me firm

    Please let these compositions
    be a reference to Your grace

    Help me to tell those
    who wander in darkness
    that Jesus is The Light
    the destruction of turmoil
    and Everlasting Peace

    About Album

    True Holy Black Metal is the fifth album released by Orationem, the project of Thomas Eversole (GRIM).