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    Cerimonial Sacred

    Forming in 1998 from Brazil these Black Metal Warriors are just beginning.

    Cerimonial Sacred is formed of brothers Abissai Darkaleil and Melachon Samengalef and their allies against Satan, Dianato, Douglas and Maibi.

    The group recorded their debut album, “OUR WAR IS ONLY AGAINST HELL”, which was released in October 2005. From that point onward, the band remained silent until 2015, when the band released “The Man of Nazareth”, which featured only the brothers.

    The same year, the band released “CHRIST WORSHIPERS“, which marked the debut of the band
    becoming a project. In 2017, the band released their debut EP through Vision of God Records, called “ETERNITY BEGINS TONIGHT“.

    The band is working on new music with a new lineup of Darkaleil, Samengalef, Tiago Rodrieguez (Bass), Daniel Ortega (Keyboards), and Edvan (Drums).

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