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    Overseas buyers—No shipping thru Skylake Inland

    Overseas buyers—No shipping thru Skylake Inland

    Hello to our wonderful overseas supporters. We have had a 4th issue with this courier company skylake inland. 4 seperate customers from our site and from ebay has done orders (seperate time over this year).
    Tracking numbers always shows delivered and this company says they never recieved it. We have called this company yesterday to ask them to track a package that was delivered, to ensure it was on the way to the purchaser.
    they said and I quote “we cant check tracking numbers without referance numbers. Supporters were contacted there are no said reference numbers.
    tracking numbers can easily be tracked on– so that is a lie.
    This Company has a owner that is stealing packages or a employee that is.
    after this 4th time and a call to them, we will no longer accept orders from anyone using this courier. We will always give you the price that it costs.
    overseas shipping is unfortunatly high. But we have now lost a 4th package from this company and not 1 package has ever been delivered using this company!!!. We are a very small non profit type organization, and these types of losses can add up and close a music ministry. They are dishonest and we can no longer accept any orders with them as the courier. Contact us for combines shipping for overseas and we will help you the best we can.
    As always we appreciate your support!!! GOD Bless you all!

    no orders shipped to this courier or address—
    Skylake Inland
    2030 NW 95th Ave
    Ste UY01714
    Doral FL 33172-2350