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    Across America – Metal Missionaries #1 (CD)


    2 in stock


    This CD was also dedicated to Dale Huffman inside, also Roxx Records was one of several sponsors on this project, check out the inlay.
    Check out this track listing…
    Track Listing:
    1. Faithor – Among The Angels
    2. Self Image – Apollyon
    3. Ride The Beast – Saul Of Tarsus
    4. Lost But Not Forgotten – Oceans Beneath Us
    5. Repent – Anschluss Amor
    6. Woe – Cast The Dragon
    7. Redemption – Consuming Fire
    8. Saints Arise – Nostalgia
    9. Best Friend, Worst Enemy – XL & Death Before Dishonor
    10. Into Eternity – Whisper From Heaven
    11. Sirenic – Wickeds End
    12. Betrayed With A Kiss – Cool Hip Priest
    13. They Got No Soul – Cast The Dragon
    14. The Light Inside Me – Crushing The Deceiver
    15. God Rulz – The Ben Aldrich Project
    Also take note that track 14 on this special compilation features an unmixed and unmastered demo version of a brand new track ‘The Light Inside Me’ from the upcoming release of Crushing the Deceiver

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