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    As Lions And Lambs – Lightbearer (CD)


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    Beautiful digipack professionally done on the now defunct sanctrosanct records label
    1.Stephen (Ft. Kasen Perreault) 04:10
    2.Self Righteous 04:36
    3.Fury 05:17
    4.Redirection 04:04
    5.Saul:Paul 02:19
    6.Blind Sight 03:57
    7.Inner War (Ft. Dan Gray) 03:53
    8.Jews and Djentiles 05:03
    9.Hands and Feet 01:29
    10.Longsuffering 05:12
    11.(a)thanatos (Ft. JTB) 04:26
    12.The Commission 02:32