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    Dawnbreaker – Deus Vult (CD)

    $9.99 $8.99


    The 1st Dawnbreaker…Total Black War Metal on this release!
    6 panel digipack with lyrics
    pro duplicated disc

    1.Vileness Exalted 02:53

    2.To Jerusalem 04:51

    3.Dawnbreaker 04:51

    4.Burnt Offerings 01:38

    5.Deus Vult 07:10

    6.Armor Of Light 03:03

    7.ReChristianize 04:00

    8.New World Crusade 03:17

    Digital is available on our Bandcamp & A few other major digital sites

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    Physical CD or Digital Download

    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)