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    Dawnbreaker – Total Depravity (CD)


    29 in stock


    A Brand New DAWNBREAKER!!!
    Superb writing on this release!
    Crushing, Black Metal! with a touch of War Metal and LOT’s of Atmosphere!
    This release may remind some of Classic sounds of Emperor, early Dimmu Borgir and Dark Funeral

    1. Man of War
    2. Strength of Passion
    3. Blot out the Night
    4. Secrets of Enoch
    5. Waterless Places
    6. The Dark Tower
    7. Exordium
    8. Radically Corrupt
    9. Post Tribulation Rapture
    10. Ruins of Babylon

    6 panel digipack with ALL lyrics
    Pro Duplicated disc

    On Digital on 65+ Digital sites!

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