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Final Surrender – Empty Graves (CD)

$9.99 $7.77

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Influenced from everything by metalcore giants August Burns
Red to prolific progressive masters Meshuggah, Final
Surrender are a dynamic blend of gut busting heaviness and
razor-sharp metallic riffing. Harsh, grating vocals soar overtop
of labyrinthine, winding riffing and break-neck speed
drumming, leaving the listener in nothing but the purest state
of shock and awe.
1. Refresh
2 Ego Snakehead
3 (A)musing
4 Sin Beyond Skin
5 Not Done Yet!
6 Satori
7 Evol(ve)
8 House Of Cards
9 Empty Graves
10 In Deception
11 Monkey The Dog!
12 Nanban