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    Final Vortex – Shores of the Empyrean Eons (CD)



    The NEW Final Vortex!
    Unblack/Industrial/Gothic/Dirty Noise/Ambient Metal

    1.Yeshua Hamashiach 03:35
    2.The Celestial City 05:46
    3.Lighthouse 05:21
    4.Shema Yisrael 04:03
    5.Ancient Oracle 01:35
    6.The Messenger 03:21
    7.Redemption Battleship 04:15
    8.Temple of Dagon 04:39
    9.The White Horseman 03:52
    10.Vultures Swarm over the Forlorn Emperors 07:08
    11.Beyond the Deluge of Doom 05:20
    12.Sea Beast Slayer 06:25
    13.Shores of the Emperean Eons 05:03
    14.Yerushaylim 04:19
    15.Domine in Exelsis 04:10

    2 panel insert/Jewel case Pro duplicated disc

    Digitally available on all major sites!!!

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