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    Mortification – Brain Cleaner (12″ Vinyl Record)


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    Brain Cleaner (2004), their 11th studio recording, sees the band on fire. They incorporate elements of all their past albums, but this time with a BIG dose of the death/thrash metal that early fans had been longing for. From the thrashy opener ‘Boaconstrictor’ throughout, Mortification is faster and more aggressive. There are still elements of groove (‘Purest Intent’) and classic heavy metal (’12 Men’, a song from the early Lightforce days), as well as a recognition of Steve’s love of Motorhead (‘Brain Cleaner’), but the songs are much angrier and darker than their last few albums and Steve pulls no punches lyrically. Fans are treated to loads of fast double bass, some blastbeats, killer fretwork and thumping, upfront bass, all combined perfectly by Mortification’s usual hook-laden songwriting. If there was ever any doubt… Mortification were back to form!

    17 years since its initial release, this is the first time Brain Cleaner has ever been available on vinyl. Remastered for vinyl and with Troy Dunmire’s original cover artwork in full-sized splendour, this edition – a limited pressing of 250 copies on black vinyl – is a must for fans of this pioneering Aussie band and any true metal enthusiast.

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    Side A
    Too Much Pain
    Purest Intent
    Free as a Bird
    Brain Cleaner
    I’m Not Your Commodity

    Side B
    The Flu Virus
    Livin’ like a Zombie
    12 Men
    Louder than the Devil