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    Sacrificium – Cold Black Piece of Flesh (Coldest Blackest Edition) (CD)

    $12.99 $9.99


    We have obtained a 7 year license on the 1st 3 Sacrificium Releases
    Cold Black Piece of Flesh will be completely remastered! PRE ORDER NOW!
    Bonus tracks will be included (Band is deciding which Tracks to put on each release)
    This Release was originally Released December 9th, 2002 & has been out of print for many years!
    Now is your chance to get this Ground breaking Extreme Christian Metal release!!
    Cover art may be the original (Band is looking for the high resolution originals), IF NOT there will be new artwork. New layout to be done for this as well.

    THIS IS A PRE ORDER, RELEASE DATE TBA!!! (TARGET AS OF posting this on 2.17 IS 3.26.21!! but may be a few weeks later, depending on the band finding art and the bonus tracks— WE WILL UPDATE HERE AND ON SOCIAL MEDIAL)
    Any other items ordered with this item will ship when this releases (we can ship 2 packages for a little extra postage)

    1. Cold Piece of Flesh
    2. Come Closer
    3. Existance
    4. Killing with Style
    5. Zustand Tod
    6. Labyrinth
    7. Kill Me
    8. Psalm of an Unborn
    9. Paupers Grave
    10. Vast
    11. Pauper’s Grave (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)
    12. In Your Eyes (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)
    13. Psalm of an Unborn (Mortal Fear Demo Bonus Track)

    Beautiful 6 Panel digipack with a Pro Replicated Silver CD!

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    Digital (MP3), Physical (CD)