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    Dark Night

    Dark Night formed in 2008 in Brazil.

    Born out of darkness, the band started with Bassist Est Coachman, Drummer Lord Mad Max, Guitarists Carlos Illuminati Hunter and Edy Guttenfly and multi-instrumentalist and Vocalist Nocturnu Grave Digger.

    Three years after formation, they released “NIGHT OF HALLOWEEN” in 2011 via Extreme Records. A year later, they released “CEMETERY PORTER” with a different label, Sanctus Gladius Records.

    “TALES AFTER MIDNIGHT” came out the next year, through Sanctus Gladius, folowed by “ZOMBIE” whic came out through Extreme. “FUNERAL NIGHT” came out through Metal Survivor in 2015.

    In 2016, the band saw their debut with Vision of God Records, titled “DAY OF THE DEAD“.

    Over the years, the band has kept a consistent lineup and a consistent release of some brutal music. Prepare for some new brutal material this year.

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