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    Hazeroth, black metal from Brazil, formed on October 10, 2001.

    Hazeroth began with Vocalist Kalebe Ramos, Guitarist Dol Amroth, Bassist Higo “Mozeroth”, and Drummer Sorg. Ramos left soon after formation, being replaced by Hör Abarim.

    The band released a demo in 2004, titled “IMPERIOS DESOLADOS”, before going through heavy lineup changes. Sorg and Mozeroth both departed, leaving Abarim and Amroth remaining.

    The two hired on Vocalist Melquisedek, forcing Abarim to take up drums. The band later hired on Bassist / Guitarist Ikarus Cromwell and Keyboardist Salum Togarma. The band released a demo together titled “SUPREME MIGHT OF WAR”, before Amroth departed.

    2008 saw the release of an EP, “SUPREMO PODER DA GUERRA”. Cromwell, Togarma, and Melquisedek all departed, leaving Abarim the sole remaining member for three years.

    In 2011, Hazeroth released “ARSENAL” with Abarim on drums and backing vocals and new member, Thronus on guitars and vocals.

    Hazeroth resurfaced in 2013, with a new lineup and a new album. Abarim added Guitarist Thiago “Adoniah” Fernandes, Bassist Animator, and dual female Vocalists Hadassah and Michelle Rodovalho. The album, “MENE MENE TEQUEL UFARSIM”, came out through Eirene Records.

    The lineup lasted an album, leaving Abarim and Adoniah the only member remaining. The band went through many more lineup changes before finally adding Vocalist Warley Cardoso and Bassist Marcelo Ledes. “CHARMS OF SIN” came out in 2015.

    All of the members in the band departed, but reformed with a new lineup of Vocalist Andrezza Santana, Guitarists Thiago Bernando and Elves Mota, Bassist Thierry Fourttune, and Drummer Estevan Anderle. The band is preparing to release some new brutal material shortly.

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